Grow towards God

Whether you are a new believer, you have been following God for a while, or you are just checking out this “Christian” thing, we want to provide opportunities for you to connect with others in the church and develop your relationship with God. Grow toward God through Worship, Lifegroups, Discipleship and Evangelism.


Join us for worship on Sunday mornings at 10:45am. Grab your cup of coffee, sit back, relax, and meet with God. God calls us to come into His presence without any pretenses so please, come as you are. As you connect with God, we have dedicated volunteers who are committed to seeing our children grow in their relationship with God (nursery – 6th grade). As you enter into the lobby go to the information booth on the left, where we will guide you to the children’s check-in area.


We believe that spiritual growth happens best within the context of community. Our lifegroups are designed to help you connect with others in your community as well as connect with God. We realize that every person has different needs and preferences; if we don’t currently have a group that fits you, please let us know and we’ll do the best we can to get one started for you. Our desire and priority is to see you connect and grow in your relationship with God.

To learn more about our current Lifegroups, visit the Lifegroups page.


While worship and lifegroups are a vital component of discipleship (growing in your relationship with God), we would like to encourage you to engage in a 1 on 1 discipleship relationship with a leader at Turningpoint Church. This time would be an intentional pursuit of seeing how your relationship with God can saturate your life. God did not create us to be “lone ranger Christians.” In other words, He created us to minister and live our lives together. We encourage everyone who attends Turningpoint to enter into this form of discipleship. Please fill out the contact form and we will connect with you.

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Scripture is clear that we are called to make disciples of Christ. This means we are called to tell people about the Good news of Jesus Christ. We believe there are two important aspects of this process: Service and Sharing. The goal of Evangelism is to introduce people to Christ, so we must become proficient at learning how to share our faith and engage people with the Gospel. Often people don’t want to listen to what you have to say until they know how much you care, so we believe that serving people (meeting their physical & emotional needs) is a tangible and essential first step in connecting people to Christ.

To learn more about some practical opportunities to serve, visit the Outreach page.