SoulShift Fall All-Church Series

Eight Week All-Church Transformation
Have you ever imagined a better you? God has a dream for you! It’s you restored to His original plan. He’s already at work restoring your future. Beginning Sunday, September 16th, for 8 weeks, we’ll take a look at these very important SoulShifts. Each Sunday morning, we will unpack what SoulShifts are with practical, biblical suggestions for life.

Get Inspired
Plan now to join us in worship each Sunday morning through this series as we explore a new SoulShift every week.

Get Involved
Small groups are forming now and will meet weekly throughout the 8 weeks of SoulShift. So far, we have groups that will be meeting at the following times: Sunday mornings, Monday evenings, Tuesday evenings, and Wednesday evenings. Sign up here for one of the small groups, or if none of those times work for you, you can also let us know that here.

Get Introspective
Be sure to get a copy of the SoulShift book and read along! The books are at Turningpoint for you to grab for $10, or you can go ahead and order one here.