24 Hour Prayer, Worship, & Fasting Event

Join us at Turningpoint for 24 hours of Praying, Worshiping, and Fasting from noon on Saturday, November 10th until noon on Sunday, November 11th. The goal is to have as many people there for as much of the time as possible, joining together in corporate prayer and worship!

With that, we would like to ask all of you to consider leading one of the hour long time slots of prayer or worship. This is totally up to you as to what type of prayer or worship you would like to lead… it could be anything along the lines of praying through a book of scripture, using a prayer devotional book, worship through music, praying for specific requests or geographic areas, worship through art, praying for each other, meditative prayer, praying in groups or pairs, writing prayers…

Please sign up here and let us know what type of prayer or worship activity you are willing to step up and lead!

(And be prepared that there might be quite a few people there during your time slot, or it might just be you and God – but still a great thing to worship and pray to Him!)

Also, if you are wondering about why fasting is part of prayer and worship weekend, check out this article to answer this question, as well as some practical tips on fasting.

Other important details for the weekend:

  • Wondering what exactly the purpose of praying and fasting is in the first place? Check out this article which answers this question, as well as some practical tips on fasting.
  • We will have numerous worship leaders throughout the 24 hours, as well many of us leading in times of prayer.
  • Plan on coming and joining us in the sanctuary at Turningpoint for as much of that time as possible – you can even feel free to bring a sleeping bag and pillow and stay for the night!
    • If you are leading a time of prayer or worship, don’t just come for that hour, but stay longer before or after as well!
  • Aside from the people leading prayer and worship from the front of the room, there will also be multiple interactive prayer stations set up around the room. The goal is for the sanctuary to be a sacred space that you can connect with God in a number of different ways throughout the 24 hours.
  • You are welcome to invite friends who go to other churches so that we can worship together as a larger Body of Christ!
  • If you are unable to join us at all during the 24 hours for some reason, please still spend some focused time on your own praying, and we encourage everyone to take part by fasting from 12noon Saturday until 12noon Sunday
  • Please DO drink lots of water!
    • Fasting = Good
    • Dehydration = Bad