Youth Winter Retreat 2017

Youth Winter Retreat 2017

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Now is the time to begin signing up for the Winter Retreat at SpringHill Camp in Michigan. It is going to be an incredible weekend of stepping back from our busy lives here, and enjoying time together worshiping and learning about God, as well as crazy fun doing all the winter things! Turn in $50 in the next few weeks to lock in a spot and get the early bird rate. If you have any questions or would like to talk about a scholarship, please contact Nick Dyson at

2017 Theme: LEVEL UP

You are player one. You’ve made it to this checkpoint and you’re ready to move on. Life is more than a game, however. There are so many different areas that we feel like need to gain more strength, speed or knowledge. Are you ready to press start? It’s time to Level Up.


Whether it’s a video game or life itself, how we start is incredibly important. In life, our starting place is what we believe about ourselves. What makes you…you? What you believe about yourself determines everything in your life. Some of us define ourselves by what we can or cannot do. Others of us define ourselves by comparing ourselves to others. The best way to start is to build your life on what God has said about you. Your identity comes from the fact that God made you and loves you.


Some decisions are easy. “Hey, I have an extra ticket for Disney World. Wanna come?” Duh. Yes! Other decisions are more difficult: Should I try out for the team? Should I date him? What college do I choose? What’s the right choice? Don’t you wish there was a cheat code for decisions? It turns out there is something pretty close to it in the book of Proverbs. It’s called wisdom.


Most video games end with an epic battle in which you beat the boss. The boss is usually a super villain that must be stopped or the entire world will be destroyed. Weirdly, this scenario isn’t that far off from reality. Sin is the super villain in life. Our sins, individually and collectively, have broken God’s creation. We are all suffering from sin. It’s the reason for sickness, war, divorce, hate, bullying and even death. Worse yet, we can’t beat sin. The good news is that Jesus fought the battle that we could never win. Through his death and resurrection, we can achieve victory over sin and experience new life.


God loves you desperately. He loves you in the midst of all your sin and failure. However, He doesn’t want you to stay there. He wants to help you grow and become more like Jesus so that you can love and serve the people around you and point them to Jesus. So, how exactly do you level up as a follower of Jesus? It’s not complicated, but it is challenging. Are you up to the challenge?

A Gift of Hope

A Gift of Hope

Christmas is a time in which many of attempt to anesthetize our pain, confusion, loss and despair by obsessing over gifts.  This obsession temporarily eases the pain, but unfortunately falls dreadfully short of addressing the real problem.  Join us this morning as we dig into the Christmas story and find out how God’s gift to us in Christ is a gift that brings hope in the midst of tragedy.